Impact of Climate Change on Crop-Pathogen Interaction: A Review


  • S. S. Sreenivas Retd. Chief Technical Officer, ICAR-CTRI



Climate change, temperature, water, CO2, host response, pests and diseases


Crop response to climatic variation is critical criterion not only in yield and productivity but also, its interaction with pathogens. Disease triangle happens under a favourable weather, virulent pathogen and a susceptible host. Climate change influences both host plant and pathogens leading to altered interaction and disease cycle. Carbon dioxide is a major contributor in the green house gas phenomenon. The consequent influence of GHG effect on temperature due to warming and erratic seasonal weather has an impact on both plant and pathogen development. Physiological changes in plants impact pathogenicity and disease development. Altered crop physiology under climate change is more susceptible to biotic stress. Hence, it is essential to understand impact of climate change on host plants to know the disease dynamics.

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DOI: 10.47856/ijaast.2022.v09i09.001

Author Biography

S. S. Sreenivas, Retd. Chief Technical Officer, ICAR-CTRI

ICAR-Central Tobacco Research Institute, Rajahmundry 533 105, AP, India