Impact of COVID-19 on Agriculture and Allied Sectors


  • Anshumali M. Sc Student
  • S.K.Sharma Principal Scientist
  • Mittu Katoch Senior Research Fellow
  • Pawan Pathania Principal Scientist


COVID-19, pandemic, Agriculture, lockdown


Impact of Corona virus outbreak on mankind is serious. Apart from health issues and social life stand still, global economy has been affected drastically. Many sectors have been hit by this pandemic and agriculture and allied sectors are no exception. Issues such as shortage of labour, restricted access to markets have been tremendously affected this sector. Many of its frailties were exposed during the course but the resilient cultivation sector surfaced with some promising results after a good monsoon and aggressive response demonstrated by the government to support the sector. Government excluded several farming activities such as farm operations, agribusiness, dairy, poultry and fishery from lockdown limitations after the lockdown extended in May, 2020. Pandemic also presented a great opportunity to think over and evaluate the hidden potential of respective sectors. Solemn efforts are required for innovation and technical up gradation of agricultural operations to alleviate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. As India struggles to uplift the distressed economy, government announced economic stimulus package worth INR 20, 00,000 crore under Atma Nirbhar Bharat Campaign. Long term impacts of this campaign are estimated to develop agriculture and allied sectors with major emphasis on quality products and increased exports of agriculture commodities.

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DOI: 10.47856/ijaast.2021.v08i7.004

Author Biographies

Anshumali, M. Sc Student

M. Sc Student

S.K.Sharma, Principal Scientist

Principal Scientist

Mittu Katoch, Senior Research Fellow

Senior Research Fellow

Pawan Pathania, Principal Scientist

Principal Scientist