Credibility of Different Agricultural Information Sources Utilized by Farm Women of Uttarakhand


  • Pooja Goswami MSc. Scholar
  • Dr. Kiran Rana Assistant Professor


Credibility, Sources, Agriculture information, Mass media, Cosmopolite


Credibility of agricultural information sources affects the adoption of new or improved agricultural practices by farmers. Credibility refers to perceived trustworthiness accorded to a source by its audience at any given time and situation. Therefore, Credible sources of agriculture information play major role in diffusion of agriculture innovations. This study was carried out in Nainital district of Uttarakhand state with specific objective to explore the relative credibility of information sources as accorded by the farm women of the region. A sample of 120 farm women was selected by PPS (Probability proportional to size) sampling method. The agriculture information sources were categorized into three broad heads namely personal localite, personal cosmopolite and mass media. It was found that majority (62.5%) of respondents had „medium‟ credibility towards agriculture information sources followed by 20 per cent having low credibility and only 17.5 per cent had high credibility to different agriculture information sources. It was further found that family members, KVK officials and newspaper were considered as the most credible sources of agricultural information among personal localite, personal cosmopolite and mass media sources.

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DOI: 10.47856/ijaast.2021.v08i7.006

Author Biographies

Pooja Goswami, MSc. Scholar

MSc. Scholar

Dr. Kiran Rana, Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor